This website’s purpose is to increase meaningful peer involvement.

It aims to enhance peer-based initiatives by proving information on different methods, experiences and approaches that has been collected from different regions throughout Europe.

The website provides information and guidance on various stages of peer involvement work:

  • Initiation: the initial phase when you consider starting an peer involvement activity. Initiate
  • Preparation: the preparations for a peer programme, including selection, recruitment and training. Prepare
  • Implementation: including an extensive section on ‘how you can keep your programme on track’. Implement
  • Sustainability: how to sustain peer programmes. Continue

However, there is no standard peer programme or ‘very best practice’ that fits all local settings and situations, although the website contains a wide range of good practices that will help in the development of a successful peer programme.

We encourage you to use the various resources, examples and references provided and tailor to them your needs where necessary.