This initiative is developed by Correlation Network a European network on social inclusion and health. Correlation aims to involve people using drugs in the development, implementation and provision of services and policies for individuals who engage in high-risk behaviours such as drug consumption.

This website has been developed by the Trimbos Institute with input, advice and contributions from a range of international experts on peer work, including people who use drugs, drug service providers, drug user activists, researchers and academics.

This section of the website comprises:

  • Background to the Correlation programme
  • Introduction to peer work.
  • Why meaningful involvement is necessary.
  • Why this manual on peer involvement was produced.

Although this website deals with peer involvement among drug users, we hope that the information, examples and experiences will also be useful to those working in other health and social service fields such as mental and physical health, housing, education, employment and immigration.

NOTE on terminology
This website is about involving people who use drugs in peer work.  We prefer the term ‘people who use drugs’, simply because it has no single (negative nor positive) connotation and simply because it describes an act, an activity and nothing more. That said, for the sake of readability of the web text we have also used other wording like ‘consumer’, ‘drug user’ or ‘peer’ when appropriate.
More on language and ‘people who use drugs’ on the website of the International Network of People who Use Drugs: