BADD / Bucharest, Romania

‘We felt the need to create a group that can speak on our behalf.’

“Our group is called BADD, The Brigade of Activists in the Drug Domain.  We are an informal group of users and ex-users, currently under the umbrella of the NGO Carusel.  Upon being created, there are 10 members in the group, former and active drug users, including specialists working with drug users.

This initiative came to existence by observing the need for a voice that is representative for drug users in our city Bucharest. This is extremely important, especially in our country where we are witnessing a recent outbreak of HIV among injecting drug users.”

ASUD / France

‘Today we are supported by the same people who once were our opponents years ago”

ASUD is one of the oldest user groups in Europe, and probably the longest active network of people using drugs in the world.  Over the years ASUD has developed into a solid organisation with staff of a dozen employed, including 50 activists, and 3 local chapters. One of our recent successes is the establishment of the virtual Rights of Drug Users Observatory)on the website which allows users to report bad conditions of poor treatment, or an occurring situation of stigmatization. The Observatory has a monitoring and advocacy function of protecting civil rights of people who use drugs.