This part of the website will focus on the question ‘Where can peer work be provided and be beneficial?’  It will describe the different arenas where peers can work and involvement can be initiated.

Peer work can be applied in many settings, most often:

  • In the street. Community outreach is one of the most well-known areas where peer work is conducted and is most useful.  Peer workers go out to meet and interact with people - their peers – often in their local area.
  • Nightlife venues. Peer work is also conducted in nightlife establishments, bars and clubs, and in other recreational settings where young people congregate to enjoy their free time.
  • In prisons. Another area where peer work is conducted is in prisons and other correctional facilities.
  • On the internet. A new and quickly growing area to ‘meet’ and support people is via the internet.  The internet creates a platform where people can communicate, share and learn from other members of same communities who they may never meet in ‘real life’.