Peer initiatives

In Europe, the electronic and dance music community has developed rapidly during the past few decades.  The first peer project in the dance community emerged in 1989 in Edinburgh (from Crew 2000), followed by other community-based groups all over Europe.  Over the 1990s, more structured collaborations with night club owners, drug services, party organisers, police and local health authorities were established to create conditions for safer dancing/clubbing.

A range of instruments are used to increase partygoers’ awareness on the risks they take and to promote a safer environment:  drug  information leaflets, chill out areas, drug-testing/checking, websites, safer dance guidelines, charters and labels.

Some of these initiatives were completely independent and based upon a particular event, while others were part of the work of larger organisations.  Since the beginning of concerns about the risks at dance/nightlife, peers have been an integrated part of safer nightlife initiatives.

“Experience learns that ‘the more the partygo-ers themselves participate, better are the results’”. BASICS Network