Evidence from the drugs field

Peer work in the drugs field has been shown to be effective as a method of HIV risk reduction among drug user communities in the Netherlands, the US, the UK and Australia. (source: Dowsett

It has become internationally accepted that outreach work including peer workers is extremely effective in reaching ‘hard to reach’ communities and in providing information to support behavioural changes.
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Data from research in the US, Ukraine and China show that outreach that included peers (peer-driven interventions) ‘were more effective in contacting a wider range of hidden groups and supporting them in less risky behaviour than outreach without peers’ (see, for instance, a study on individual and network interventions with injecting drug users in 5 Ukraine cities, Latkin et al., 2011 http://www.experts.scival.com/jhu/pubDetail.asp?t=pm&;id=20395584&n=Carl+Latkin&u_id=582)